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Color Examples

Kyle Design's color examples - film & aluminum

Kyle Design offers extensive customizing options on ALL PRODUCTS - each is handcrafted to order here in our California studio. Previewing millions of options becomes an extremely complex process so we offer color examples to help you decide. View by design shape and material.

Color Example Types

Square Design Color Options
Square Design Colors

Card Holders, Pill Boxes, Flasks, Barrettes, Etc.

Round Design Badge Color Options
Round Reel Colors

Badge Reels, Key Reels

Round Design Aluminum Color Options
Round Design Colors

Purse Hooks, Pill Cases, Whistles, Etc.

Lighted Iridescent Glass Color Options
Lighted Glass Colors

Night Lights, Sun Catchers

Inlaid Wood Stained Glass Color Options
Inlaid Iridescent Glass

Jewelry Boxes, Wooden Boxes

Inlaid Wood Dichroic Glass Color Options
Dichroic Glass Colors

Accent Boxes

Square Design Color Options on Black
Colors on Black

Card Holders, Flasks, Wallets, Etc.

Christmas Ornament Color Choices
Ornament Colors

50+ Ornament Colors

Iridescent Colors - Handcrafted

Rainforest Iridescent

Striking color with variegated areas of blues and greens. Very popular color.

Rainforest Iridescent Color
Celtic Business Card Case - Iridescent Rainforest with Gold Design
Tree Eyeglasses Case - Iridescent Rainforest with Silver Design

Spring Iridescent

A bright, fresh light green with shimmery highlights of chartreuse and aqua.

Spring Iridescent Color
Billiards Wood Memory Box - Spring Iridescent with Gold Design
Frog Keychain Flask - Spring Iridescent with Silver Design

Aqua Iridescent

A vibrant light blue-green with lighter green highlights.

Aqua Iridescent Color
Palm Tree Money Clip - Iridescent Aqua with Gold Design
World Ornament - Aqua Iridescent with Silver Design

Ocean Iridescent

Bright medium blue with shimmery highlights of aqua and green. Very popular color.

Ocean Iridescent Color
Wave Square Business Card Case - Ocean Iridescent with Gold Design
Shark Sugar Packet Case - Iridescent Ocean with Silver Design

Cobalt Iridescent

Intense, deep blue with shimmery highlights in aqua blues and dark violet. Our best-selling iridescent color.

Cobalt Iridescent Color
50th Wedding Anniversary Ornament - Iridescent Cobalt with Gold Design
Construction Desktop Card Holder - Cobalt Iridescent with Silver Design

Galaxy Iridescent

Dark violet with shimmery blue and aqua highlights. It is NOT blue (monitor calibrations vary).

Galaxy Iridescent Color
Gears Money Clip - Galaxy with Gold Design
Fibonacci Square Business Card Holder - Galaxy Iridescent with Silver Design

Purple Iridescent

Saturated color with shimmery highlights in violet and plum that brighten its appearance. Very popular.

Purple Iridescent Color
Bee Square Badge Holder - Iridescent Purple with Gold Design
Butterfly Metal Wallet - Iridescent Purple with Silver Design

Lavender Iridescent

Soft, medium mauve with shimmery reddish highlights.

Lavender Iridescent Color
Art Nouveau Vitamin Pill Holder - Lavender Iridescent with Gold Design
Cat Cigarette Lighter - Lavender Iridescent with Silver Design

Light Pink Iridescent

Delicate, soft pink with pale shimmery golden highlights.

Light Pink Iridescent Color
Pink Cowboy Hat Ornament - Light Pink Iridescent with Gold Design
Princess Flask - Iridescent Light Pink with Silver Design

Hot Pink Iridescent

Bold color with in a bright reddish pink wiyh highlights of purple and pink.

Hot Pink Iridescent Color
Owl Bookmark - Iridescent Hot Pink with Gold Design
Cake Keychain - Hot Pink Iridescent with Silver Design

Orange Iridescent

Warm, lively color that is accented with reddish or goldish flashes.

Orange Iridescent Color
Sunset Christmas Ornament - Orange Iridescent with Gold Design
Bat Business Card Case - Orange Iridescent with Silver Design

Copper Iridescent

Rich, reddish rust color with golden highlights.

Copper Iridescent Color
Craftsman Pen Holder - Copper Iridescent with Gold Design
Alcohol Molecule Pocket Knife - Copper Iridescent with Silver Design

Amber Iridescent

Rich, golden orange brown with highlights of gold and green.

Amber Iridescent Color
Hourglass Christmas Ornament - Amber Iridescent with Gold Design
Tiger Boot Flask - Amber Iridescent with Silver Design

Pearl Iridescent

Soft ivory color with very subtle pink and green highlights.

Pearl Iridescent Color
Education Magnifying Compact - Iridescent White with Gold Design
Skunk Jewelry Box - Pearl with Silver Design

Aluminum Colors - Anodized in Rich Custom Hues

Hard anodized aluminum colors feature a smooth fine satin finish in saturated colors. Read more.

Silver Aluminum

Pale, understated color that looks expecially attractive with gold.

Silver Aluminum Color
Silver Aluminum with Gold
Police Officer Metal Wallet - Silver Aluminum with Silver Design

Pink Aluminum

Delightfully soft, delicate pink.

Pink Aluminum Color
Pig Compact Mirror - Pink Aluminum with Gold Design
Flamingo Stamp Box - Pink Aluminum with Silver Design

Berry Aluminum

Deep bluish red color that is similar to a pinky maroon or wine hue.

Berry Aluminum Color
Cooking Ornament - Berry Aluminum with Gold Design
Architect Contacts Case - Berry Aluminum with Silver Design

Orchid Aluminum

Cool, delicate lilac complements both silver and gold beautifully.

Orchid Aluminum Color
Three Cats Credit Card Case - Orchid Aluminum with Gold Design
Iris Chewing Gum Toothpick Case - Orchid Aluminum with Silver Design

Violet Aluminum

Intense, regal purple that is striking with both silver and gold designs.

Violet Aluminum Color
Mountain 7 Day Pill Organizer - Violet Aluminum with Gold Design
Monogram A Magnifier Necklace - Violet Aluminum with Silver Design

Blue Aluminum

Deep true royal blue. Very popular choice for both men and women.

Blue Aluminum Color
Dragonfly Bookmark - Blue Aluminum with Gold Design
Feet Key Reel - Blue Aluminum with Silver Design

Aquamarine Aluminum

Pale, watery light blue-green hue.

Aquamarine Aluminum Color
Helicopter Christmas Ornament - Aquamarine Aluminum with Gold Design
Christian Locket Necklace - Aquamarine with Silver Design

Turquoise Aluminum

Bright, festive, eye-catching aqua blue.

Turquoise Aluminum Color
Math Business Card Holder - Turquoise Aluminum with Silver Design
Nursing Beaded Lanyard Necklace - Turquoise Aluminum with Silver Design

Teal Aluminum

Exotic, vibrant color that gives a striking contrast to both silver or gold designs.

Teal Aluminum Color
Dragon Barrette - Teal Aluminum with Silver Design
Golfing Pill Box - Teal Aluminum with Silver Design

Forest Aluminum

Subtle, nature-inspired deep green shade that is a sophisticated, classic choice. Very popular.

Forest Aluminum Color
Hibiscus Hair Barrette - Forest Aluminum with Gold Design
Double Luck Earrings - Forest Aluminum with Silver Design

Green Aluminum

Cheery solid green that looks great with either silver or gold designs.

Green Aluminum Color
DNA Wood Business Card Stand - Green Aluminum with Gold Design
Soccer Whistle - Green Aluminum with Silver Design

Yellow Aluminum

Bright, sunny yellow color.

Yellow Aluminum Color
Fleur de Lis Large Pill Box - Yellow Aluminum with Gold Design
Bear Letter Opener - Yellow Aluminum with Silver Design

Citrus Aluminum

Appealingly warm, yellow-orange hue.

Citrus Aluminum Color
Lemon Vitamin Box - Citrus Aluminum with Gold Design
Director's Retractable ID Badge Holder - Citrus Aluminum with Silver Design

Red Aluminum

Rich, fiery, solid red. Always eye-catching, red aluminum is a dazzling choice.  Very popular.

Red Aluminum Color
Heart Engagement Ring Box - Red Aluminum with Gold Design
Nurse's Emergency Flask - Red Aluminum with Silver Design

Brown Aluminum

Handsome golden brown that is subtle and refined.

Brown Aluminum Color
Chocolate Large Pill Box - Brown Aluminum with Gold Design
Lawyer Purse Hook - Brown Aluminum with Silver Design

Black Aluminum

Deep, highly saturated color. Always elegant and in style, black aluminum is a best-seller.

Black Aluminum Color
Spiral ID Lanyard - Black Aluminum with Gold Design
Retro Art Deco Checkbook Case - Black Aluminum with Silver Design

Stained Glass Colors

Christmas Ornament Colors

Unique Personalized Christmas Ornaments
Unique Engraved Christmas Ornaments

View All Ornament Colors

Ornaments are available in more than 40 color combinations handcrafted with beads, ribbons, aluminum and iridescent center colors.

A New Concept In Customization

Customize Your Gift With Your Selections

Color Can Make All The Difference

Each of Kyle's items is handcrafted just for you in your favorite color to become your personal storyteller.

See the wonderful effect color can have - bold or subtle, sleek or complex, fun or elegant. Enjoy!

Color Materials and Features

Colorful Iridescent Film

This unique, color-fast product gives the appearance of dichroic glass. There are areas of different colors across the film, so it is seldom just a single color. Variations in the surface (bubbles, wrinkles) are what create the depth of color and should not be considered defects. The color does not fade and the surface generally wears well over time. The color effect is somewhat like fish scales or butterfly wings - very beautiful and eye-catching. More about colorful iridescent film.

Anodized Aluminum Colors

Hard anodized, fade-resistant aluminum features rich blended colors or saturated primary hues in a sleek finish. These color accents are popular with both men and women. How aluminum colors are made.

More Gift Examples

For more examples of the eye-catching colors used in Kyle's decorative gifts, please see Gifts For Color Lovers.

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