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Iridescent Color Film

Iridescent Colored Film - An Exclusive Specialty Color Accent

kyle-design-exclusive-iridescent-film-colors.jpgThe shimmery iridescent color film used behind many of the central design elements is handmade by artist Kyle McKeown Mansfield in a proprietary process. The color effect is somewhat like fish scales, peacock feathers or butterfly wings - very beautiful and eye-catching.

Qualities: The color tends to shift across the highly textured surface of the film when viewed from different angles. The iridescent color is a thin layer behind the openwork etched metal designs adhered to the surface of our gift items.

Features: This durable, colorful film is highly textured and gives the appearance dichroic glass. There are areas of differing colors across the film, so it is seldom just a single monochrome color. Variations in the surface (bubbling, wrinkling) are what create the depth of color and should not be considered defects. The color is fade-resistant and the surface generally wears well over time.


You will find this gorgeous iridized film used as a striking color accent on many unique gift items through our site. These include Drinking Flasks, Business Card Holders, Christmas Ornaments, Square ID Badge Reels, Bookmarks, Hard Eye Glasses Cases, Decorative Pill Boxes, Cigarette Cases, Money Clips, Key Chains, and much more.







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