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How to Shop Kyle Design

A New Concept in Customization

Explore Kyle Design's new concept: Exclusive gifts handcrafted with intricately cut metal designs and gorgeous colors for stunning jewelry-like results. Now you can give truly unique, personalized gifts!

Two Ways To Customize

#1: Select-A-Design Gifts

Custom Business Card Holders

First: Look for the 100+ DESIGNS banners to choose any of Kyle's designs.

TIP: Customize Your Gift Section has these all items so you can easily find flasks, decorative night lights, business card cases and more.

Second: Select  CHOOSE OPTIONS  on a product to start personalizing your gift, for ex. these business card cases.

Third: Click  CHOOSE DESIGN  to find the design you want - to see the design pop-ups below.

Get started to choose your Kyle Design

Next, choose a design category, browse Kyle's images, then choose finish to select.

Kyle Design Category Choices
Browse Kyle's Designs to find a favorite
Kyle's Tree Design - Gold Selected

Black and White Artwork

Kyle's designs are shown as black and white artwork, but the actual metal will be silver or gold depending upon the product. Note: Some items only come in one metal finish so you will just select CHOOSE.

Here the gold finish is selected. Next you may choose the color behind the design, depth, and engraving.

Get Started - See All Gifts With MORE DESIGNS

#2: Designated Design Gifts

Tree business card case in gold with purple

Alternately, choose items with pre-selected designs, for ex. this Tree Business Card Holder.

You choose your metal finish, color, size, and engraving options.

Want the exact finish and color shown? See the product description then select the options listed. This case is gold with iridescent purple.

Browse items with featured designs throughout the site. 

By Design - Shop Your Interests

By Product - Unique Gifts, Home DecorOffice Gifts

For All Items - Choose Colors, Features, or Engraving

No matter whether you choose option #1 or #2, you customize your colors, engraving, depth, and other features.

Customize your Kyle Design gift color - purple selected

What will colors look like? Click ABOUT COLORS to see examples with each metal:

Choose your engraving location and fonts

Where will the engraving be?

You choose the engraving layout, the number of lines, the font (lettering style). See below for more engraving examples.

Add to cart - you're done! It's fun, it's easy!

Kyle Design Gift Engraving Options

Engraving starts at just $5.95. Many gifts can be engraved - you choose the font and the placement.

See Gift Engraving Styles & Formats for Best Results for font examples, layouts, tips, and ideas to make your engraved gift extra special.

Add Additional Engraving - You may want to add a name or monogram to the front of your selected gift, and then add a longer message on the back or on a metal engraving tag inside (on select gifts only).

In that case, you can specify the first location before adding the product to your cart. Then, you can add an additional engraving by clicking one of the links below:

Engraved Business Card Holders

Business Card Cases

For a card holder, add engraving here: Business Card Case Additional Engraving

Engravable Flasks


Both plain and embellished flasks can be engraved on both sides. Order the additional side here: Flask Back Side Engraving

Engrave Your Money Clip

Money Clips

If you buy a plain money clip, you may have both the front and back engraved by adding the 2nd side here: Additional Money Clip Engraving

Engraved Gifts

Compact Mirrors

Add additional engraving to Kyle's smaller gift items here: Metal Case Gift Engraving

Engraving Tags for Jewelry Boxes

Decorative Jewelry Boxes

Gold or silver metal engraving tags can be added to the front or the inside lid of your personalized jewerly box. Add a 2nd tag here: Additional Jewelry Box Engraving Tag

How To Shop Kyle Design - Find Items Fast

Customize Your Own - Look for 100+ DESIGNS on products to choose the design plus the finish and color.

Shop By Product - Have a specific type of product in mind? Browse gifts sections:

  • Home Decor - Night lights, jewelry boxes, ornaments, etc.
  • Unique Gifts - Pill boxes, money clips, bookmarks, etc.
  • Office Gifts - Business card holders, badge reels, stamp boxes, etc.

Shop by Interest - Looking for a gift with a particular theme? Browse sections under Shop Your Interests:

  • Animals - Cats, dogs, butterfly, dragonfly, etc. (80+)
  • Art Music Architecture - Art Deco, Celtic, Guitar, Drums, House, Eiffel Tower, etc. (40+)
  • Food & Nature - Iris, Tree, Sun, Ocean, Martini, Coffee, etc. (50+)
  • Hobby & Fashion - Cars, Train, Boat, Airplane, Motorcycle, Knitting, Sewing, Crown, etc. (40+)
  • Monograms - All letters A-Z plus Greek letters (30+)
  • Numbers - All numbers 0-9 plus 10, 15, 20, etc., up to 100
  • Occupations - Nurse, Doctor, Lawyer, Pharmacist, Hairdresser, Contractor, etc. (90+)
  • Religions & Spirituality - Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Goddess, Kokopelli, etc. (30+)
  • Sports & Games - Soccer, Baseball, Football, Swimming, Guns, Chess, Puzzles, etc. (50+)

Shop By Occasion or Recipient - Prefer a curated list of gift suggestions? See our staff's favorite picks for each:

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