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Kyle's Handcrafted Gifts - How They're Made

A New Concept In Customization

Customize Your Gift With Your Selections

Kyle's Designs ... Your Selections ... Fine Craftsmanship

Create the perfect gift at Kyle Design! Carefully handmade, each item becomes your personal storyteller because it's customized just for you.

Choose all your features - the intricately-cut metal design, color, and engraving.

Your item will be expertly crafted by the artisans here at the Kyle Design studio to create a gift you'll be proud to give or to use yourself.

How It Begins - Sketches Turned Into Metal

Discover the unusual process that brings together traditional handcrafting techniques and modern technology to create distinctively original gifts.

Handcrafted Gifts

It Starts With An Idea . . .

The unique etched metal designs you find on each of Kyle's gifts - the adorable animals, the various sports and occupations, the tempting foods, the nature themes - all were designed over the past 30+ years by Kyle.

And each one began with a sketch:

Kyle Sketches Palm Tree

Drawing the Designs

Sketching is a wonderful way to play with design ideas. One can quickly capture bursts of inspiration - a concept, the curve of a line, an interesting pattern, or the juxtaposition of imagery. "When creating a new collection I review my years of sketches to find those that speak to me most strongly. Here is the orignal sketch of my palm tree design."

Kyle's Palm Tree Design

Translating Sketches into Metal

The next step is to translate the sketch into a crisp black and white design. "I use Adobe Illustrator to facilitate the creation of highly detailed imagery. When I am satisfied with my design, the artwork is transferred to the acetate tooling used in the acid etching process."

Acid Etched Metal Sheet

Etching the Intricate Metal Designs

Acid etching allows the intricate details of Kyle's designs to come alive. A protective photo-resist coating is applied to a metal plate that will preserve the metal from errosion in the acid bath. This process leaves detailed lines and pierced openings that reveal her designs such as the custom ornaments shown here - a true work of art!

Kyle Sanding Her Metal Design

Sanding the Metal Designs

Each design is carefully finished to create a crisp edge. Much time and attention goes into crafting each individual gift.

Custom Engraving

Engraving a Keepsake

When you engrave, you'll create a special keepsake. Choose from any of Kyle's personalized designer gifts or from a wide selection of classically elegant engravable gifts.

Customized engraving is performed in-house for speed and accuracy prior to adding color.

Adding Color Accents

Kyle's Designs & Colors

The color accents make Kyle's designs pop: stained glass, iridescent film, dichroic glass, or custom anodized aluminum. Each adds a burst of color that is layered on top of the product and underneath the etched metal design.

When stacked together, the layer of color provides a striking contrast to the silver or gold metal design which makes Kyle's occupations, nature designs, sports and animals come alive.

Kyle's Iridescent Film Colors

Crafting the Iridescent Colors

"The eye-catching iridescent film colors shift across the textured surface when viewed from different angles. This beautiful color effect somewhat like peacock feathers, fish scales, or butterfly wings."

Kyle handcrafts her exclusive iridescent color films using a propriatary process that brings the color to life. Every piece is slightly different making your item truly unique.

Kyle Cutting Aluminum

Shearing the Aluminum

Brilliant anodized aluminum is durable and fade-resistant, making it an excellent medium for daily use gift items.

Using a variety of tools, we slice, punch, drill, form, or cut the aluminum into the desired shapes.

Kyle Cutting Glass

Cutting the Stained Glass

Here Kyle scores a sheet of the gorgeous stained glass for her night lights, jewelry boxes, and sun catchers.

Selecting Beads

Selecting the Beads

Certain gifts such as Kyle's decorative ornaments and eyeglass lanyards come with a colorful assortment of beads.

Each bead is carefully hand placed to add color and beauty to each item.

Attaching Findings

Adding the Finishing Touches

Kyle loves crafting unique pieces that become your personal storytellers. Easily personalize any item to fit your style and reveal your talents, interests, and passions. 

Along with beads, ribbons, and tassels, the juxtaposition of intricate metal designs and colorful accents is what makes Kyle's unique style so distinctive.

Etched Metal Palm Tree Ornament with Colorful Accents

Finished Pieces Come To Life

From the design and the metal finish to the color accents, beads, and other features - you'll find a choice of options on each gift item. Each item is truly custom made just for you. Shown here is an example of a final piece - the palm tree ornament.

Have Kyle Create Your Special Gift

Kyle McKeown Mansfield

When you shop personal gifts, home decor, or business gifts, you'll find a creative selection of functional gifts that add color and style to your everyday activities.

For The Home - Jewelry boxes, picture frames, ornaments, flasks, and stained glass night lights.

For The Office - Business card cases, retractable badge holders, stamp boxes, and desk accessories.

For Yourself - Bookmarks, pill boxes, money clips, keychains, metal wallets.

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