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Mother's Day Gifts That Show Appreciation | Kyle Design

We all appreciate Mom and want to make her feel special this Mother's Day.The best way to show your mom how much you value her is to fill her in on why she's so special to you.Is it that she's spent the last year watching your newborn so you could catch up on some sleep?Did [...]

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3 Distinctive Gift Ideas for 2016 College Graduates | Kyle Design

Your graduation gift will stand out and truly be appreciated if you give something unique that relates to the grad's major. We recommend either giving them something to remember their college experience or gifting something that will be useful to them as they begin their career.Create a College Keepsake:A very popular graduation gift is a College Memory Keepsake [...]

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21 Reasons Why Handcrafted Gifts are Better

If you're new to the idea of buying handcrafted gifts or hesitant to gift something that has been handmade, we'd love to share with you what makes Kyle's gifts so special.Here's 21 of the top reasons we believe handcrafted gifts are better than mass produced ones:1. IT'S MADE WITH LOVE:Your item is created by an artisan [...]

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Best Resource for Wholesale Night Light Parts

At Kyle Design, we not only love crafting unique night lights, but we love to help our fellow artists create their own decorative nightlights too!We understand the importance of quality bases that not only function well but don't detract aesthetically. If you're attaching your personal artwork that you've put hours into creating to a cheap [...]

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Fun St. Patrick's Day Gifts for the Irish

St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner and my husband is already talking about the corned beef and cabbage he'll be eating at our city's annual St. Patrick's Day Festival this upcoming weekend. Since my in-laws are Irish and they live over 2,000 miles away, I always send a little gift of some sort for [...]

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Travel Hacks for Packing Your Jewelry

Until recently, I've never been accused of traveling light. Quite the opposite actually. In my younger days I'd check 2 suitcases for a single weekend in Vegas with my girlfriends. But, my husband will tell you I've improved a lot over the past 5 years. In fact, when we left for a 5 night trip [...]

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Hot Valentine's Gifts for Your Flame

It's so easy for guys to shop for Valentine's Day, isn't it? Roses, candy and jewelry are staples of this romantic holiday. But one thing I've always struggled with is what to get him. I still cringe when I think back to my first serious boyfriend and our first V-day celebration. He got me a [...]

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Football Gifts for the Host of the Big Game

No one wants to show up empty-handed when they head to the party on Sunday to watch the Big Game. But over the holidays I noticed something at several parties. There was way too much food. And way too much alcohol. So much uneaten food had to be thrown out. So while bringing a dish, a [...]

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Use Clip Magnets to Hang Heavy Items

When I added a kitchen command center to my kitchen I wanted some magnetic clips to hold up things like calendars, coupons, cards, pictures and things like wedding invites and save the dates. But the only magnetic clips I could find were just too weak to hold more than a single sheet of paper.That's why [...]

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Clever Engraved Gifts Make Occasions Extra Special

As Christmas gets closer and closer we've been engraving for hours on end. Keepsake Christmas ornaments, mini pillboxes, bookmarks - we just love it!There's just something extra special about a gift that's engraved. Engraving makes a gift feel extra irreplaceable. We just love reading all the thoughtful & clever things our customers engrave on their personalized gifts.Here [...]

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