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Simple Steps for Breast Cancer Prevention You Can Start Now

Who do you wear the pink ribbon for? For yourself, as a reminder that life is a precious gift? For your co-worker who needs encouragement in the midst of her breast cancer battle? For your sister who beat it? For your mother who didn't?We all have a story to share, so let's share it! Wear [...]

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Find the Perfect Engagement Gifts at our Online Super Store

Within the past year, I've had the pleasure of sharing in excitement with 5 friends who got engaged. Wow that's a lot of bling on a lot of fingers! Before I ask about a potential wedding date and venue, I always get the full scoop on how the engagement went down and start brain-storming engagement [...]

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Help Colleagues Get to Know You with These Essential Tips

Have you ever worked with someone for over a year but never realized you shared a hobby or passion? Maybe you both love dogs, photography or country music concerts. Maybe you both have a ridiculous obsession with Starbuck's coffee (oh, wait a minute, isn't that all of us?). My point is, sometimes we get so [...]

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Purse Hooks Keep Your Handbag Looking New

The day I realized a purse hook was a necessity (and not just a fun accessory) was just last year after I got the cutest new handbag. The very first day I used it I happened to stop at a fast food restaurant to grab a bite to eat. Without a second thought, I plopped my darling [...]

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Engagement, Shower & Wedding Day Gifts for the Bride

Love is definitely in the air this year. I've never been to so many weddings and I'm beyond excited for each one. There's nothing more fun than celebrating with the Bride through each phase. I love to get her a cool keepsake engagement gift right away. Then, I get her something personalized for her shower that [...]

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Introducing Unique Copper Gifts

After a lot of customer inquiries regarding Kyle's designs in a copper finish, Kyle has launched a line of unique copper gifts ranging from her popular night lights to cool copper accessories like purse hooks for women, money clips for men, and decorative badge reels for the office.Already available in gold, silver and brass finishes, you'll love [...]

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These Decorative Badge Reels for Graduates Make Work Fun

With college graduation comes first "real" jobs. Some graduates are excited to start working in their field while others aren't quite ready to give up regular 3-day weekends and late-night partying. Either way, the first week on the job can be a lot more fun with decorative badge reels from Kyle Design.Kyle's unique ID badge holders [...]

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Personalized Business Card Holders for College Graduates

Whether it's your son, daughter, niece, nephew or grandchild that's earning their degree, get them an awesome graduation gift they can use on the first day of their new job. With Kyle's unique business card holders for graduates, you can get him or her a special gift that is personalized just for them. Is he graduating [...]

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Make Easter Special with These Cute Easter Gifts for 2015

Celebrate Easter this year with Kyle's unique Easter gifts. You'll fall in love her her cute gifts with Easter bunnies which come in custom Spring colors. You can also create fun accessories for Easter Sunday with tons of personalized gift items that feature Christian symbols.Whether you need a cute bunny gift for a kid this Easter or [...]

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5 Must-Have Accessories For St. Patrick's Day 2015

Of course you'll be wearing green this St. Patrick's Day. But why not get into the Irish spirit and embrace this fun holiday with some unique accessories from Kyle Design?As a seasoned pro celebrating St. Patty's Day, I can assure you that having something other than the typical hats and beads from the local party [...]

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