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Tooth Fairy Gifts for Loss of First Tooth

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Can you remember the excitement of an anticipated visit from the tooth fairy when you lost your first tooth as a child?

I was so scared to pull my first tooth out. But after I did, I couldn't wait to put it under my pillow and go to sleep that night. I was thrilled the next morning to find the dollar that the tooth fairy had left behind.

Create special memories for your littles when you surprise them with cool tooth fairy gifts personalized just for them.

Add a tooth night light to your child's room and tell them that the special light helps the tooth fairy find special children who have lost a tooth. They'll love the excitement of lighting the way for the fairy to find them.

Let your son or daughter place her lost tooth in a special tooth fairy box they can place underneath their pillow. This will surely make finding the tooth easier on the fairy when she arrives in the night.

Consider leaving a gift besides money behind like a tooth bookmark. Choose from a variety of iridescent colors to customize a fun tooth fairy bookmark gift for a boy or girl who loves to read.

Commemorate the big Loss of First Tooth milestone at the end of the year with a fun engraved Christmas tree ornament with a tooth design with the year and your child's name engraved on the back.

You'll love the creative ways Kyle's gift with a tooth design can create special memories for your children as they reach milestones throughout their childhood.

Shop unique themed gifts to find rewards for children, awards for accomplishsments and other gift items that can encourage your children to set and achieve goals - whether in the classroom or on the sports field.

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