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Staying Motivated with Your New Year Resolutions

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We make resolutions each year because we see the new year as a new start, a fresh slate in which to better ourselves.

Keeping them isn't always easy, because old habits die hard.

This year, implement a small rewards program into your goal system and watch yourself keep it up all year.

I started my year with some resolutions that I've turned into goals with a written plan of attack. First off, I got myself a gift to remind myself to keep going. And I've created a reward system for reaching 1-month, 3-month and 6-month marks.

Do you have a system in place?

Here are some motivational gifts you can treat yourself with or get to encourage others, depending on what your goals are this year:

Eat {More} Healthy

This one is kinda easy to kick-start come January 1 because we've been stuffing our faces pretty continuously since Thanksgiving, amiright?

I returned from Christmas with my in-laws a full 5 pounds heavier than before I left. Darn those plentiful candy bowls everywhere I turned! Not to mention Chicago style pizza, IN Chicago.

But, after a few days the bloat wears off and we find ourselves falling back into old habits.

Don't let that be you this year. Stay motivated with a veggies fridge magnet (great for adding a healthy meal/snack list to your fridge) or keep your food spending money in a clean eating metal wallet as a reminder to make good, non-greasy choices. You can even fill it with gift cards to your favorite healthy eats spots.

Exercise Regularly

This one often goes hand in hand with eating healthier.

Make your goals specific and hang them on the fridge with a fitness magnet. These magnetic clips are also great for handing a gym class schedule on your fridge, filing cabinet or magnetic board.

Have an office job and plan to work out more? Wear a fitness themed badge reel to work each day so you'll be reminded of your health goals each time you swipe your badge. Also a great reminder to hit the in-office gym if your building has one.

Get {& Stay} Organized

I love the concept behind Commit30 - these planners encourage you to set goals and get specific about how you're going to accomplish them (the most important part if you want to stay on track).

Whether you opt for a daily planner or prefer to keep things digital, if your goal is to get organized, consider adding some new office organization supplies (such as business card holders and desk sets) to your office cubicle or home command center.

Manage Your Time Better

Need to be more mindful of your time? Set this mini hourglass box where you'll see it - on your desk, in your purse, in your car - and remember to stick to your schedule so you get everything done each day.

Setting phone reminders to go off at specific times helps me so much. I love the Just Reminder app - keeps me on track each day without cluttering up my regular calendar. 

Work Less / Enjoy Family More

Have you spent the last few years letting your job eat up more and more of your time? 

If reclaiming your free time is a goal for you in 2018, stash your business cards in a time management hourglass card holder. A great reminder to stay off the clock when you are indeed, off the clock.

Spend More Time Outdoors

Planning to spend more time outdoors this year?

Make a list of outdoor activities near your community as well as some National Parks you'd like to visit. An outdoor bucket list will get your outside more, whether for a simple walk in your neighborhood or an all-out trip to explore Zion National Park.

Get yourself a nature keychain to keep your mind on future outdoor adventures.

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