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Handy Travel Containers Make Winter Getaways Go Smoother

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Where are you headed this winter season?

If your family has a week planned at a Ski Lodge in the Colorado mountains, a cabin in Tahoe or some other fun snow-filled winter destination, start packing with these unique travel cases and containers from Kyle Design.

Kyle's cases are crafted with sturdy but lightweight metals, and embellished with her artistic winter wonderland designs.

Here are some of the best winter travel cases for this upcoming ski season.

Wooded Mountain Pill Case

This mini mountain pill case is perfect for bringing medication on a weekend getaway this winter.

The small container can also be used to store other little items like extra camera memory cards and small jewelry.

Winter Wolf Contact Lens Travel Case

Save space in your travel bag when you store a small amount of contact lens solution alongside your lenses in this fun wolf container for contact lenses

Bonus: condensing your liquids allows you to get past airport security and bring this on-board an aircraft as carryon luggage.

Eyeglasses Cases for Winter Travel

Keep your eyeglasses safe in your purse or luggage with a decorative bear metal glasses case. Because no one wants broken glasses.

These sturdy cases can be engraved with your name and phone number. So if it's accidentally left behind on an airplane or in an Uber, there's a better chance you'll be able to get them back.

Winter Wonderland Snowflake Travel Case

Larger metal wallets are so versatile! Keep gift cards, money, gum, cigarettes, jewelry and other travel items in one easy-to-find snowflake embellished container.

Snowflake Ski Lodge Alcohol Flask

Sip something strong by the fire this winter with a personalized snowflake flask - choose from several colors and have a nickname or quote engraved.

Winter Engagement Ring Box

Planning a proposal this winter? Your future fiancee will love the extra thought put into popping the question when you present the ring in a customized ring box.

Want to propose but looking for another design? Customize your wooden engagement ring box here.

Woodland Bear Travel Wallet

Travel wallets are just so convenient, we had to include them twice.

Keep in mind they're great for gift cards, cash and credit cards, but these bear design cases can also hold your other travel essentials such as tea bags, sweetener packets, gum, chapstick, keys and more.

Treat yourself this season, get one as a gift for a friend, or add something above to your Wish List.

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