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Christmas Ornaments for Everyone You'd Tip This Holiday

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It's that merry time of year when we spread a little extra cheer to so many people outside our families.

At Kyle Design, we have great gifts for all those people who you'd like to feel extra appreciated and super special as this year draws to a close.

People like your hairdresser, nail artist, mail carrier and others. Who are you planning to tip a little extra or give candy to this season?

You know, last year, just before Christmas, I was at the hair salon and my hairdresser actually complained about all the candy her clients brought her to say "Happy Holidays".

Not that she's unappreciative, it's just that it's SO hard to not gain 10 pounds over the holidays. And stacks upon stacks of candy boxes certainly doesn't help.

Know what? She's got a point!

So, when you'd like to thank someone for their hard work but feel like cash or candy is too impersonal, consider a custom tree ornament instead!

We have 100's of Christmas ornament designs to choose from, but here are some popular sellers to get you started:

For Your Hair Stylist:

Here's the ornament I'm bringing my hairdresser next week, by the way:

For Your Fitness Coach:

If 2018 was the year you committed to improved health and fitness, and a special coach helped you take your performance to the next level, thank them with this weight trainer ornament.

For Your Nail Technician:

I have been going to the same nail lady for at least a decade. I see her every 2 weeks and we spend the hour swapping life stories and discussing our families.

She's going to love this manicurist ornament that I engraved with her name on the back.

For Your Mail Carrier:

Do you have a good relationship with your mail carrier or package delivery person? 

Trust us when we say they'd appreciate to hear they've been doing a great job!

For Your Pet Sitter:

My dog daughter means the world to me. It also means the world to me that when I travel, I know she's in great hands with my reliable, affordable dog sitter.

This year, I'm thanking him with this pet sitter ornament (but with blue beads) and he's going to love it!

(Did I mention each ornament is hand-made with your choice of accent ribbon and bead colors?!)

For a Teacher or Tutor:

If you or your child has an extraordinary teacher or tutor, customize an education ornament as a thoughtful way to say "Merry Christmas" this year.

For Your Pastor:

Whether you just enjoy listening to his message every Sunday or you've leaned on him for guidance during a difficult season of life this year, say thanks to your pastor with a cross Christmas tree ornament.

For Your Winter Wedding Planner:

Having a winter wedding? For the wedding coordinator who's already gone above and beyond, we'd love to craft one of these wedding bells ornaments as a nice gift.

For the Labor & Delivery or NICU Staff:

My cousin just delivered triplets a week ago and they are living in the NICU with a staff of angels.

Thank your labor and delivery staff or the NICU nurses with a medical themed tree ornament.

We have doctor ornaments and RN ornament designs.

Other popular ornaments for hospital staff include New Baby and angel design.

For Your Dance Instructor:

If dance is your passion and you love your instructor, let them know they're fabulous with a ballroom dance ornament embellished with decorative beads and two elegant dancing figures.

For Your Landscaper:

When your yard stays immaculate all year and you don't have to lift a finger to keep it that way, someone deserves a big pat on the back!

Say thanks to your hard-working landscapers with a gardening ornament that shows your appreciation.

At this point, I know you've got someone specific in mind. Shop all custom ornaments to find the perfect gift for him or her.

There's still time to get it for Christmas. Personalized it and add it to your cart - then choose one of the expedited shipping options during checkout.

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