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3 Easy Ways to Personalize Your Kyle Design Gift

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Choose a Custom Color

We LOVE color around here. According to our customers, adding bright, vibrant colors to our products is a huge part of what makes them so eye-catching. (And we agree!)

Did you know that every item can be created with a color of your choosing?

For instance, this adorable cupcake pill case - which I imagine makes taking meds a little bit sweeter - is shown with purple (Kyle's favorite color, by the way).

But guess what? There are nearly 30 other color choices. We can make it with a solid aluminum color (like above), or with one of our popular iridescent colors.

See the difference?

Adding your friend's favorite color is a super simple way to personalize a birthday gift just for her.

Pick from 100s of Designs

As you browse around her site, you'll notice Kyle has created 100s of designs to embellish her gift items.

For a boyfriend who loves sports.

For a mom who loves to craft.

For a grandma who loves to bake.

For a dad who loves cars.

For a teacher who's passionate about math.

For a hairdresser who saved you after that at-home-dye-job-gone-wrong.

....Get my point?

But even better than all the design options is that EVERY design can be put on EVERY gift.

Like the cupcake example above...Maybe you love the festive cupcake design but a pillbox isn't the right gift for your sister's upcoming birthday.

Maybe she'd get more use out of a birthday flask or decorative compact mirror. You can add a cupcake (or any design, for that matter) to flasks or compact mirrors, or whatever you want!

Have Your Gift Engraved

Our number 1 question about engraving is, "Will it slow down the production and shipping of my gift?"

I actually love this question because I get to reassure our customers that even though we're adding that extra special personalized touch, it's NOT going to delay their shipment.

We engrave all our gift items right here in our studio. It's one of our favorite steps in creating a gift because we know how much more special it will be for the recipient.

Taylor may have liked this pink cupcake flask for her birthday. But with her name engraved, we know she's gonna love it.

Get tips for gift engraving here.

It's That Easy!

Or is it?

We know choosing a design and committing to a color can be difficult for some. There are so many options!

But get this - there are NO wrong choices! If you can't choose between Ocean Iridescent and Aqua Iridescent there is absolutely no need to stress over it. Both are stunning, so you can't go wrong. We promise.

Learn more about how our gifts are made here.

Oh, and before you go, check out Kyle's tree design with every one of her distinctive colors to get a feel for how each color looks underneath a design.

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