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Prevent a Fridge Magnet From Sliding

Strong fridge magnet holds calendars

Each home's refrigerator calendar is where the family comes together to plan and coordinate events - sports, meetings, appointments, concerts. This essential organizing tool keeps the peace and minimizes the drama so all members know where to be and when to drive. Plus, the monthly pictures draw your attention - whether travel photos, cute pets, great moments in sports - to remind you to look so you'll always be on top of your schedule.

But how do you attach your yearly calendar to your refrigerator? Strong magnetic clips are perfect, but even a strong magnet is no match for a slippery surface or an extra heavy calendar when gravity takes over. Use this simple trick to stop the magnet from sliding:

Stop fridge magnet from sliding down

The Challenge The sticking power of a magnet is affected by the strength of the magnet, the slipperiness of the surface on which it is stuck, and the weight of the item being held. The magnetic force along with friction keeps the magnet against a vertical surface such as a refrigerator, but gravity can still pull it straight down. You could add something stickly or rough between the magnet and the wall surface to increase the friction but that will reduce the force of attraction of the magnet toward the surface.

Create ledge to block fridge magnet slide

The Solution If the magnet has a strong pull toward the surface despite the weight of the calendar, a better solution is to simply support the bottom edge of the magnet to block the path.

Here is a quick and easy trick: Tape a small strip of cardboard to the fridge surface with masking tape to stop the movement. The tape will be behind the calendar and won't show, yet your magnet will stay firmly in place.

Block the path of a sliding fridge magnet

If you want an easy way to hold up a calendar on a refrigerator or whiteboard, Kyle's decorative magnet clips (like the math magnet shown here) are an attractive way to secure it in place. These magnetic clips have both a firm clamp and a strong magnet on the back. You can easily remove clip magnet from the fridge door (or just the calendar itself from the clip) as needed to add appointments and write notes to family members, then simply stick it right back up with no hassle. For extra large items, using two magnets - one in each corner - will provide added support.

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