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Monogram Business Card Holders - 100+ Decorative Designs

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Product Description

These truly customized monogrammed card holders are created with capital letters and thematic images to perfectly reflect who you are. Design your organizer with initials only or with a combination of letters and themes - important numbers, favorite activities or specialized career fields. Makes a great gift for a new executive, recent college graduate or busy man or woman on the go - a truly standout case for business cards, ID, calling cards, credit cards or cash.


  • personalization - select three designs, silver or gold metal finish, thin or deep large case and sleek aluminum or gorgeous shimmery iridescent color
  • 100s of original design options
  • 3.69" x 2.31" x .19" (thin) or .34" (deep)
  • thin - up to 10 business cards, deep - up to 20 cards
  • non-tarnish gold, silver or black cases
  • free black velveteen pouch
  • made in USA
  • design variations - the following patterns for the center are slightly different than those shown: frog (four frogs), grapes (larger bunch), gecko lizard (four lizards), flower of life (larger repeating pattern)
  • arrangement: monogrammed letter designs or thematic patterns are arranged 1, 2, 3 from left to right - 1 is small, 2 is large, 3 is small; see below for monogramming ideas
  • design layouts - we recommend the following three approaches:
    • monogrammed - for traditional monogram, smaller first name initial is on the left, larger last name initial in the center and smaller middle initial is on the right
    • two initials - select large center design of career, special interest, etc., then place initials on either side - small first name initial on the left, and small family name initial on the right
    • single initial - select large center design of either first or last name initial, then select two design icons for either side of it - perhaps a career on one side and a sport, hobby or special interest on the other side


Gold monogrammed card case with large center Letter J and smaller law scales and gavel designs with iridescent ocean blue background color behind all three.

Silver monogram card holder with large center surname Letter M and smaller K and E given name initials with red aluminum background colors.

Silver biz card case with the large initial E in citrus aluminum surrounded by the Electrician design with teal aluminum on the left and the Football design in blue aluminum.

100s of designs - sports, games, hobbies, animals, music, professional careers, letters, numbers, foods, horoscope signs, symbols, universal themes, nature, flowers, religions. Kyle Design is a truly special online store that offers a wide variety of options, allowing you to create the perfect organizer that best reflects your style and interests. Make distinctive gifts for professionals, attractive cases for the modern woman on the go, industry-specific organizers for the high-powered executive, sleek holders for the man wanting to chuck his bulky wallet - each individually created with a level of customization and attention to detail that you'll find exclusively at www.kyledesigns.com.

Product Reviews


There are 2 review(s) for this product

  • Wonderful!

    by Jordana G. – 16th Jan 2019

    It came out perfectly - great job!

  • London Blue

    by Tina F. – 16th Jan 2019

    My first KS piece.

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