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How To Repair Loose Hinge Pin on Metal Case or Box


Instructions for Fixing Slipping Hinge Pins on Metal Boxes or Cases

Use these simple directions to adjust a hinge pin that starts to slide out of a metal case or box such as those used for business cards, pills, vitamins, etc. 

Typically, the lids and bottoms of metal cases and boxes are held together with a thin brass rod or pin inserted in the hinge slot at the back of the case that stays in place by friction. If too loose, these pins can start to poke out of one end. Here is an easy fix for this:

Remove the Pin

Remove the current hinge pin. If the part protruding is still too short to grasp with your fingers, you can give it a little help. Partially unbend a paper clip and use the end to insert into one end of the hinge slot to help partially push the pin out, then grasp pin with fingers or a pair of pliers to fully pull it out. Sometimes this may be easier to do when the case is open rather than closed because the case may bind in certain positions. 

Add a Kink

Pake the hinge pin and put a bend or slight kink in the middle of it. This will create tension on the hinge pin when you replace it in the hinge slot. 

Push Back Into Place

Slide back into hinge slot. The hinge pin should now offer resistance. Push end of pin against a hard surface to help push it fully back into place or use the paper clip to finish the job. If the pin still slips, add a larger bend to the rod and reinsert.

When Swapping Lids

This same process may be used if using to swap out the front or back of a case for another. (For example, you misspelled the engraving message and ordered a new engraved back.) Follow the same instructions, but remove and exchange the lid when the pin is removed, wiggling or gently moving each part to help align them when reinserting the pin as it may get caught slightly on each section of the hinge slot.

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