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How To Adjust Catch Tension on Eyeglass Cases

how-to-adjust-tension-eyeglasses-cases.jpgOur German-made eyeglass cases have strong catches to prevent them from inadvertently popping open while stashed in your bag. If desired, you can easily adjust the catch or latch on your glasses to be tighter or looser depending upon personal preference. To make adjustments, just follow these simple instructions.

To make catch looser, push in on curved latch to bend it toward the back (hinge side) of the case. Use a pair of pliers or push against the edge of a hard surface such as a table. This will allow the latch to grip the inside of the lid more gently.





info-eyeglasses-case-catch-adjustments.jpgTo make catch tighter, push out on curved latch to bend it toward the front (catch side) of the case. This will make the latch grip the inside of the lid more firmly:







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