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Diamond Tip Engraving - What Is It?

Traditional Diamond-Tip Engraving

There are two popular methods of engraving today: diamond-tip and laser. Though both are able to create crisp, precise inscriptions and illustrations, the feel of each is very different.

Quality diamond-tip engraving services at Kyle Design

Diamond Tip Engraving:
The traditional diamond-tip method produces a deeper mark than laser engraving, therefore creating a longer lasting product with the smooth feel of a classically engraved piece.

Diamond-tip engravers, which use a sharpened diamond held inside a pen, are also ideal for engraving glass and precious metals such as gold, silver and sterling silver. A diamond tip engraved gift is recognized for its precise lines, smooth feel and traditional look.

Laser Engraving:
Alternatively, laser engraving requires the use of lasers to engrave or mark an object. These engravers are able to work with a wider variety of materials such as wood, leather, titanium, plastic and fabrics, yet they are limited in working with metallic surfaces like crystals, precious metals, and stones.

When working with metals, a laser engraver requires that a marking compound be applied to the metal surface; the laser beam fuses the compound with the metal to create a permanent dark mark (almost black in color) that does not rub off or react to solvents. This compound can be scratched. In addition, the compound leaves the item feeling rough to the touch.

Superior Results


At Kyle Design, we use the diamond-tip method to engrave all of our items in-house. With this, we are able to offer seven distinctive engraving fonts:

  • Avant
  • Dom Casual
  • Helvetica
  • Old English
  • Roman
  • Script
  • Victoria

Engraving You Can Be Proud Of

Each font is special and adds a unique touch to your personalized engraving message.

For additional details and samples of each font, see Engraving & Monogramming Services.

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