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Deep Card Wallet Cigarette Case - Small Hard Double Sided

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Product Description

Classic metal wallet cigarette cases with a sleek polished gold finish. Great size for carrying ID, credit cards and cash in a compact case.


  • deep wallet cigarette case #3 is 3.75" x 2.75" x .75" thick
  • holds about 45 standard business cards or chubby business cards, 15 credit cards, 15 tri-folded dollar bills on each side (30 total), 16 regular (King) cigarettes, or one deck of playing cards
  • double-sided, non-tarnish steel case with polished gold tone finishes with two spring arms inside; not crushproof - not meant to be sat upon
  • can have wallet engraved
  • lid is polished inside, so it can be used as a mirror in a pinch
  • free velveteen pouch

Product Reviews


There are 2 review(s) for this product

  • Decent Product

    by Stephen M. – 16th Jan 2019

    I liked the size very much. I wish you had the brushed metal in this size. The polished metal scuffed and scarred quickly as I expected. I think the button should be slightly easier to press. I have to press it almost all the way in to release the latch. My last case button was easier to press and didn't open unexpectedly. The arms inside were nice and stylish. I would like them slightly less strong to make pulling them back easier.

    My biggest concern is that it feels cheap. I suppose the metal is too thin. It also sounds cheap when it clicks together. Overall, I like it, but I'll probably get another one in a while.

  • Awesome product and was just

    by Collin P. – 16th Jan 2019

    Awesome product and was just as advertised. Locking mechanism is solid to ensure no accidental openings. Engraving looks great and is clearly readable. It even holds 2 more cigarettes than advertised. Only wish it came in a brushed finish.

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