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Use a Letter Opener & Avoid Paper Cuts this Holiday Season

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December is my favorite month to check the mail. I don't love venturing out into the cold so much as I love all the fun things that I discover in my mail box this time of year...

Christmas cards, coupons to my favorite stores and salons, gifts I've ordered that have finally made their way to my house.

What I don't love is the potential for paper cuts as I excitedly rip open all that extra mail. Ouch! (Any why do I always end up with a cut right before a trip to the nail salon?!)

That's why I just love these fun letter openers.

fun letter openers

They make opening all those sealed envelopes much quicker, easier, and completely pain-free. (They're also useful when ripping wrapping paper off gifts.)

I enjoy using my monogram M mail opener so much that this year I'm giving some out as gifts. They're perfect for a secret santa gift exchange, office holiday party or even a December birthday.

Each one is handcrafted in whichever colors you choose for the round embellishment and decorative tassel. Monogram letters are a great choice for anyone, but you can select from hundreds of other designs like an ornamental Fleur de Lis, favorite animal or a pretty floral design.

Shop customized letter openers - just one more thing you can be excited to find in your mailbox this month!

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