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Unique Oktoberfest Costume Accessories

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Fun Fact! Oktoberfest - the "real one" in Munich, Germany - is actually celebrated in September.

Here in the U.S. you'll find local Oktoberfest events towards the end of September as well as early October.

They've become so popular that party stores fill the aisles with German beer festival costumes and accessories each Fall.

If you already have your Lederhosen ready to go but want to get some unique Oktoberfest festival accessories, keep reading.

Oktoberfest Ticket or Event Badge Holder

Use a beer festival badge reel to keep track of your event ticket or name badge if you're working the event. Choose from a variety of colors to match your outfit.

beer festival badge reel

Beer Lover Earrings

Ladies, these beer themed earrings are perfect for Oktoberfest, trips to craft breweries, and beer festivals year-round. Each time you refill your stein, the pourer will be sure to notice and compliment this unique accessory for ladies who love beer.

beer lover earrings that dangle

Beer Stein Money Clips

These sturdy money clips with beer stein design aren't just great for Oktoberfest - they can be used for nights out year round. Keep your money and ID secure in a clutch or pocket when you head out to the bars, to concerts, or anywhere you don't want to bring your whole wallet.

money clips with beer stein design

Money clips are great for girls and guys! Choose a personalized color here.

Bar & Table Purse Hooks

Bars and festivals have the dirtiest floors! Amiright?! And with such large crowds milling around, you don't want to hang your purse out of sight on the back of your chair or on a long picnic table's bench seating.

These table purse hooks are game changers for day drinkers, bar-hoppers and festival goers. Once you use one, you'll wonder how you managed so long without it.

Drinking Flasks for Festivals

Not everyone is a beer lover, myself included. But that doesn't mean your can't tag along and enjoy the festival as much as everyone else. 

Bring along your fave booze in a custom drinking flask from Kyle Design - 6 ounce, stainless steel festival flasks with personalized color, design and engraving options.

Shop all beer festival accessories and remember to yell "Prost!" when you raise & clink your glasses at Oktoberfest this Fall.

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