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Thanksgiving Hosts Gifts They'll Love (& Use Right Away)

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Traditions are a-changin'! Thanksgiving used to be a once-a-year thing hosted on the 4th Thursday of November by my parents.

Now, my Fall weekends are booking up with gatherings from all my circles - regular friends, work friends, heck - even my gym friends are getting together to celebrate & Give Thanks.

I've never personally hosted a Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving Feast, which is why I always feel *extra* obligated to show my gratitude to the host and hostess with a great gift.

I have yet to attend a gathering that didn't involve beer or wine or both. In fact, most people bring alcohol to the party. That's why these alcohol themed host gifts are perfect:

Wine Bottle Stoppers

One of my go-to host gifts for Fall are these unique wine bottle stoppers. It's something every one of my friends will use, and with over 500 design choices, I know I can get one they'll love. In the past, they've always been a hit.

Wine Bottle Stopper Hostess Gifts for Thanksgiving

Beer Bottle Opener Keychains

Sometimes to switch it up - especially if I'm a returning guest and I've already given a bottle stopper, I'll bring an engraved beer bottle opener on a  keychain. These are especially popular when the host is a guy who loves to drink beer. Plus, it gets used right away to crack open those pumpkin flavored beers.

Thanksgiving Host Gift Bottle Openers

Turkey Night Lights

If you attend a gathering with religious friends or sober friends who don't drink, a Thanksgiving turkey night light is a fabulous gift idea. Choose from 9 stained glass colors and get a silver, gold or brass turkey design.

Thanksgiving Turkey Night Light Gift

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