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St. Patrick's Day Night Lights for Spring

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If you love to switch up the decor in your home with each changing season or upcoming holiday, you may have themed towels in your kitchen and bathroom, decorative wreaths and fun wall plaques.

But have you considered adding seasonal night lights as a festive way to decorate your home?

As soon as March rolls around the St. Patty's Day decor starts popping up all throughout my home. There's nothing like the luck of the Irish to get you geared up for Spring!

One of my favorite night lights is this shamrock night light which illuminates my powder room.

I love that the amber glass doesn't clash with my colorful bathroom but still makes it feel like I've decorated for Spring. Mine has the automatic base so I never even have to think about turning it on. It's the best!

St. Patrick's Shamrock Night Light

If you're looking for a traditionally green St. Patrick's Day night light for your kitchen or entry way, you'll love this green lucky 4 leaf clover night light.

Green St. Patrick's Day Night Light

Copper home decor is really on trend right now and if you've jumped on the copper bandwagon you'll adore this copper Celtic Knot night light which is sure to bring some Irish cheer to your home.

Copper Celtic Knot Night Light

Lately, here in the California Bay Area we've been experiencing some rain after a long, long drought. I just love spotting rainbows and snapping pics. Here's one I captured the other day:

It was SO stunning in person but it's not nearly as breath-taking in the picture. Does that happen to you too? I've all but given up trying to snap pictures of the moon!

There's nothing more fun than imagining the pot of gold at the end of a vibrant Spring rainbow. If you delight in gazing at rainbows, you'll enjoy this lucky pot of gold rainbow night light.

Lucky Pot of Gold Rainbow Night Light

So there it is - lots of fun ways to let your inner Irish out during March and Spring time. Such a beautiful time of year and one of the best times to decorate for St. Patrick's Day!

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