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Keep Chewing Gum Fresh with a Gum Holder Case

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I like to carry gum in my purse but don't chew it daily. In fact, a week or two can go by with a pack of gum going untouched in my purse. Unfortunately, all the digging around for my keys and wallet often leads to the gum getting rustled out of its packaging. Then, when I do go to chew it, it looks less than desirable - crumpled, dirty & gross!

At first, I stopped carrying gum since the majority of it was going to waste. But then I'd be caught out in a situation where I needed to freshen up my breath (impromptu meet-up with friends or my husband's co-workers, for example) and had no gum, bad breath and that dreaded feeling of self-consciousness.

The best solution to this gum predicament has been to carry a metal travel gum case. It's lightweight and compact and keeps my gum intact throughout all the abuse it withstands in the bottom of my handbag. I especially love taking it on the plane in my carryon when I travel, too.

If you've ever experienced gum escaping from it's packaging and turning the bottom of your purse into a gross mess, consider a decorative gum holder like I did. You might love it so much you decide to give it as a unique gift for a gum lover. I'm considering getting one for my husband so I have a back-up gum source, too.

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