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Ideas for the Perfect Valentine's Day Proposal

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Surprise her and make this Valentine's celebration your best one yet with a proposal. 

There are so many unique ways to propose to your girlfriend or boyfriend. Keep in mind the proposal story will be told again and again as friends and family share in your excitement. 

So make it extra special with these perfect Valentine's Day proposal ideas:

 Tweak Your Timing

Let your loved one know you have a great night planned for them, then pop the question earlier in the day when they're definitely not expecting it. 

Maybe with a surprise breakfast in bed or unexpected delivery during their work day. 

Catching him or her off guard creates a memorable and special proposal.

 Put the Ring in a Personalized Ring Box

Have a  custom ring box made. Presenting the diamond ring in a box that was uniquely crafted just for her will be far more romantic than using box provided by the jewelry store. Engraving it will create a nice keepsake.

 Line Up a Photographer

If there's any way to get capture the moment on video or with pictures, do it! 

A friend of mine thought she was going on a hike with her boyfriend and his teen daughter to take pictures for his daughter's photography assignment. Then, when she was posing for a picture in a nice setting - and least expecting it - he got down on one knee and proposed.

You can collaborate with a friend to secretly snap pictures from a distance when you pop the question (just make sure they don't get spotted beforehand!). 

Just make sure you don't tell too many people about your plan. You don't want anyone to accidentally ruin the surprise!


Chances are, you're pretty sure she's going to say yes, or you wouldn't have purchased an engagement ring.

Don't get so worked up with nerves that you give it away by acting strangely. Your own anxiety will also prevent you from enjoying the moment, so keep calm and remember it's all going to go perfectly.

 Use a Dummy Ring (If Need Be)

...Speaking of things going perfectly. One thing that will absolutely ruin your proposal is the ring getting lost.

If you've seen videos online of  engagements gone wrong, you know that proposing next to a river or on the open sea can lead to a dropped ring that's gone before you even got to slip it on her finger.

If there's a chance the ring could get dropped - never to be seen again - use a fake ring and give her the real one later. In one of these keepsake ring boxes:

keepsake ring boxes

Just make sure the dummy ring doesn't have a much larger stone than the real thing!

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