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I have a friend who is a teacher. Has been for years. Even so, I continue to be blown away by the amount of gifts she's showered with throughout the school year.

Whether it's her birthday, Valentine's Day, Spring Break, Christmas, National Teacher's Day, the end of the school year, any given Tuesday....it's never ending!

I know this because I am often the secret recipient of so many of the things she's given.


Well for one, she hates chocolate truffles, but she gets so. many, darn. truffles. (Score for me!) She also gets a LOT of gift cards to places she won't go. Sometimes it's a local ice cream shop (she commutes, and doesn't spend time at local shops in order to beat the traffic), other times it's a nail salon (well, to be honest, those a little harder to pry from her worn out teaching fingertips). Although she did once receive a bottle of nail polish from each one of her 30 students (perhaps a hint to quit teaching and open a salon of her own!).

With National Teacher's Day this week and the end of the school year approaching, I'd like to share...

The Key to a Great Teacher's Gift {from a Teacher}:

Get her something she can use - and more than once. She enjoys and really appreciates gifts that are unique. Things that clearly the moms put some thought into.

We have some great suggestions. We know they're great because they're some of our most popular selling items. And, I've run them all by my teacher friend, so I know they're educator approved.

Beaded Glasses Holders for Teachers

If she wears glasses, and takes them on and off throughout the day (ask one of her students, like your son or daughter), she will love a decorative beaded neck lanyard for her reading glasses.

beaded neck lanyard for teacher's reading glasses

Engraved Keychain for a Teacher's Keys

All teachers carry keys. They have locking filing cabinets, locked wall cabinets, a locked desk drawer, keys to the classroom and teacher's lounge.

The use keys all the time and keys are so darn easy to absent-mindedly set down, walk away, and forget.

Get him or her an engraved keychain with their name, grade, room number and phone number. That will ensure peace of mind each time your son or daughter's teacher forgets where they left their keys.

Kyle's personalized keychains are engraved on the back, and the front comes with a choice of over 100 designs.

engraved keychain for a teacher

Teacher's Desk Drawer Pill Box

I'll let you in on a little secret. There's always at least one student in every class that is so, so difficult (or maybe it's their parent that's the real problem), that headaches ensue.

Get your child's teacher a fun little pill box that he or she can keep in a locked desk drawer to help out on their worst of days.

pill boxes for teachers

Personalized Teacher's Bookmark

Even in the digital age, teacher's are constantly flipping through a barrage of text books and teaching materials. (Plus, many teacher's love reading in their spare time!) They can never have enough bookmarks. 

Make each day more pleasant for a teacher by giving him or her a customized metal bookmark they can get lots of use out of.

teacher bookmarks

Make sure your child's teacher doesn't give away your gifts by getting something they'll actual use!

Shop more unique gift ideas for teachers.

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