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Fantasy Halloween Costume Accessories

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My favorite costumes to wear on Halloween are the fantasy ones - mermaid, unicorn, fairy. It's so fun to dress up and get into a character that's nothing like everyday life.

While there are party stores full of costume accessories, I find it's fun to carry truly unique items that no one else will have.

Here, I'll share some distinctive fantasy costume accessories for your upcoming Halloween party.

Unicorn Accessories

One thing that can easily take away from a brilliant costume is a mis-matched purse hanging from your arm. Set your handbag aside, and keep if off the dirty floor, with a Unicorn design purse hook.

unicorn costume purse hook

Just in case you have a special drink you'd like to bring to the party, you can easily stay in character and match your outfit with this dazzling unicorn flask full of your favorite liquor.

unicorn party flask

Dragon Costume Ideas

Carry your ID, credit cards and cash in a cool dragon wallet or personalized money clip with dragon design.

dragon money clip costume accessory

If you find yourself at a company party or large gathering that requires a name tag, consider clipping yours on with a dragon badge reel that will for sure be a conversation piece.


Mermaid Accessories

Make sure your appearance stays on-point with a mermaid compact mirror you can bring along to the bar or a friend's party. Perfect for checking your makeup and making sure you don't have any food stuck in your teeth.

mermaid compact mirror costume accessory

Complete your mermaid look with these fantasy earrings. Choose from silver or gold.

mermaid earrings for costume

Costume Accessories for Fairies

Planning to dress up as a fairy this Halloween? Wow everyone with these above-and-beyond accessory ideas, including a green fairy flask and fairy design gum holder (perfect for a purse or pocket).

mermaid costume party flask

fairy accessory gum holder

Get something unique to accessorize your fantasy Halloween costume this year. It will make dressing up and going out all the more memorable.

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