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Back to School Gifts for Students & Teachers

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Is it really that time to be planning and prepping for your kids to head back to school?

With the end of summer break rapidly approaching, you've probably already begun back-to-school supply shopping. Or at least thinking about it. (Especially if you've been in a Target or Walmart lately).

Save some room in the budget for these unique school supplies that will make getting back to the grind extra fun for your children this school year.

Back to School Gift Ideas Students & Teachers Will Love

Pen, Pencil and Eraser Case

You can never have too many pens and pencils for the first day of classes.

Keep your kid's writing utensils organized and easy to find with a pen & pencil case. These holders are also great for keeping track of extra erasers, paper clips and other small items.

Choose your child's favorite school subject and a color to customize the front of these embellished pencil holders.

School ID & Lunch Money Holders

Last school year, while walking my dog in the morning, I found a $20 on the sidewalk. I just knew it was some unfortunate kids' lost lunch money. I wished so bad I had seen who dropped it so I could get it back to them.

Avoid lost lunch money & misplaced student I.D.'s by adding a backpack wallet for students to your school supply list this year.

We love this one because it's large enough to hold the essentials, but compact enough to fit in a compartment inside your child's backpack. Plus, it has elastic straps on both sides to keep the contents organized.

Add a school color and the first letter of your child's name. May also be engraved with contact information.

Compact Mirrors for Backpacks

If you ever had braces then you know how much food can get stuck in them. Help your daughter keep her teeth food-free with a small compact for her backpack or pocket.

These slim pocket mirrors are also great mid-class when she needs to add wax to her braces right at her desk. That way, she won't have to leave class to find a restroom mirror.

Key Lanyards

As a mom, I can tell you that on days I can't walk my daughter home from school, I have peace of mind knowing her house key is secured to a lanyard. I always know she'll be able to let herself in the house as soon as she gets home.

Prevent your child from getting locked out of the house by providing them with a house key on a neck lanyard. These safety lanyards with keychain rings feature a snap to prevent chocking.

Our decorative neck lanyards are great for middle school and high school students. And, they make great gifts for teachers who need a secure place to keep desk drawer and filing cabinet keys.

Reading Glass Croakies for Teachers

For teachers who use reading glasses, these decorative croakies make wonderful back to school night gifts.

They'll love the cute designs and bright colors just as much as not misplacing their reading glasses somewhere in the classroom.

Shop more gift ideas for teachers.

Wishing all the students and teachers a wonderful start to the new school year!

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