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Add Light to Any Wall with Corded Wall Lamps | Kyle Design

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Corded Wall Lamps

Night lights with 6' cords allow for easy installation and additional lighting to any wall with a plug (whether it's visible or not).

Corded Wall Lamps Add Light to Obstructed Outlets

Ever wanted to add a night light to a room in which the electrical outlets were hidden behind furniture? In bedrooms with obstructed, out-of-sight outlets, simply mounting a corded night light can be the perfect solution.

Out of Reach Night Lights for Children's Safety

In children's rooms, where curious toddlers often try to climb on furniture & reach for anything and everything, adding a table lamp can be dangerous. Get a corded wall mounted nightlight instead, which you can plug in behind your child's furniture and then mount out of reach on the wall.

Wall Mounted Nightlights Give Flexibility in Location

Whether you need light in a child's or adult's room, there are times when the only visible plug is on the same wall as the bed. In this case, light can escape from the side of the nearby nightlight and be too bright for a person to sleep. This is the perfect situation for simply adding a night light on a cord to another wall in the room.

Eye Level Night Lights

Whether you want to read in bed, check the label on prescription medication, or need a soft eye-level light for another reason, 4W night lights with 6 foot cords allow you to add light to just the right height to fit your needs. Simply hang on the wall within 6 feet of an outlet.

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