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7 Must-Haves to Keep Your Pool Bag Organized this Summer

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I don't know about where you live, but here in the San Francisco Bay Area we dove straight into Summer from Winter with very little Spring in between. At least, that's how it seems.

Lately, we've been having some unusually warm evenings which has led to lots of fun dinners out on the patio and even some evening trips to the waterslide park.

If you tote a large pool bag with you when you head to the pool, river or lake to cool off, you may find yourself digging and digging around to find that one thing that seems to be playing hide-and-seek with you in your oversized bag. (Or does that just happen to me?)

At least, it used to...Before I organized my bag with some simple travel accessories. Today, I'm sharing these cute summer bag must-haves you can add to your pool tote to keep it organized all Summer.

1. Water Ear-Plug Container

I never swim without ear-plugs because water always seems to find a way to get trapped in my ear.

How cute is this travel earplug holder? Keeps them from getting tangled in my bag and protects my ears by keeping the ear buds clean in between swims.

2. Pool Bag Money Clip

I don't usually take my full wallet to the pool with me. I just grab my ID and a little bit of cash.

This pool money holder clip fits perfectly inside the zipper pouch of my pool bag and keeps everything neat and organized so it's easy to grab. Makes it so much easier to find my chapstick and gum since they're not tangled in between bills.

3. Pool Key Keychain

If I just throw the key to the neighborhood pool in a kitchen drawer among other spare keys, everyone in the family gets mixed up about which key is the right key.

This pool key keychain is SO perfect because we can easily identify the right key AND I have our name and phone number engraved on the back. If it ever gets lost, we know it will find it's way home.

It also makes it so we can keep the key on the key hook with all our other important keys. We always know right where it is.

4. Key Finder Hook

And for when we head to the pool...

I used to always get to the pool gate, set everything down, dig through my bag and panic as I search for the pool key while starting to drip with sweat.

This key finder has changed all that.

Oh. My. Goodness! Ever since I started keeping my pool & car keys on this key hook, it has made my passage through the pool gate so much smoother!

5. Carabiner Key & Whistle Clip

Another great item for keeping track of your keys this summer is this carabiner key reel with a whistle.

You can attach your car key, pool key or locker rental key AND clip it to your purse or bag strap. It comes with a whistle if you ever have to be that mom calling your kids out of the water.

Another bonus is you can clip several hair ties on the carabiner part so you'll always have one when you need it.

6. Glasses Case

Protect your glasses in your bag with these hard metal glasses cases.

The tropical flower design makes me feel like I'm on the islands, even if I'm just cooling off at the reservoir.

7. Q-tip Holder

Here's something you might want to consider bringing along - Q-tips!

I may be a little too obsessed with water in my ears, but after a swim I always dry my ears with Q-tips after I pull my earplugs out.

This mini travel Q-tip holder ensures I always have them on hand. It keeps them dry in my bag and prevents the cotton tips from getting all poofy (which always happens when I throw them in a zippy bag instead).

There you go - my top 7 essentials for keeping things neat in your summer bag, whether you're off to the lake, river, pool, country club or water park.

In fact, I think I'll grab my bag and head to the pool right now! Happy swimming everyone!

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