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ASL I Love You Sign Purse Hooks

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Product Description

High quality innovative I Love You ASL sign purse table holder gift keeps handbag off icky floor in restaurants or theaters. Makes a cherished gift for members of the deaf/HOH community or ASL interpreters.


  • 1.5" sign language emblem on a 3.75" hook (folds flat)
  • non-tarnish
  • 1.5 ounces for portability
  • rubber backing
  • can hold 25 pounds
  • use for baseball hats, backpacks, cameras, scarves, umbrellas, shopping bags, walking canes
  • gold/silver ASL adornments made in America


Silver ASL hand talk table purse holders with berry. Kyle's decorative ASL hand design is one of over 500 choices. Click create my purse hook to see more of her purse hook artwork.

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I learned some sign language growing up and also studied it in college because my aunt is deaf. She lives out of state and whenever I visit her I'm reminded of the fact that I still haven't mastered this language. My lack of signing skills has led to some pretty funny miscommunications, which we get a good laugh over One thing I never get wrong is the sign for "I Love You." It's neat that I can express my love for my family with one single hand signal.Whether you need a cool sign language gift for a deaf parent, daughter or sister, or you want to express your love in a fun new way, you'll love these decorative ASL purse holders. They say "I love you" and keep your handbag off the floor while you sign over a lunch date with a deaf friend - hopefully without any major miscommunications!

Product Reviews


There are 1 review(s) for this product

  • I Love You purse hooks

    by Ranelle M. – 16th Jan 2019

    I left my purse hook on a grocery cart and needed a new one. I found the Kyle Design website and loved several of the designs. I purchased two. They are very pretty, well made and extremely durable. My large handbag weighs over 12 pounds and the hooks easily accommodate the size. Great products!

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