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Resale Certificate Requirements for Tax Exempt Purchases


If you are located in a state requiring sales tax and are purchasing wholesale items for resale, we must have a valid, signed Resale Certificate on file in order to exempt the sale from your state's sales tax. Tax exemption form is only valid for contractors, electricians, and others intending to resell the items within their state of residence.

1. Please create an account.

2. Fill out the appropriate Resale Certification for your state. Please see links below.

3. Email us the completed and signed resale certificate form (or fax to 925-454-5364). We will review your form to validate the exemption.

4. Once approved we will notify you that your account is approved for tax exempt purchases. You must be signed into your account at the time you are placing an order for tax exempt status.

Note: purchaser must be in the business of selling the items requested for sales tax exemption for the exemption to be approved. Alternately, you may request a refund from your state at the time you file your sales taxes.


CA Resale Certificate Form

Colorado Resale Certificate Form

Georgia Resale Certificate Form

Illinois Resale Certificate Form

Indiana Resale Certificate Form

Iowa Resale Certificate Form

Kentucky Resale Certificate Form

Louisiana Resale Certificate Form

Maine Resale Certificate Form

Maryland Resale Certificate Form

Michigan Resale Certificate Form

Minnesota Resale Certificate Form

Nebraska Resale Certificate Form

New Jersey Resale Certificate Form

North Carolina Resale Certificate Form

Oklahoma Resale Certificate Form

Pennsylvania Resale Certificate Form

Rhode Island Resale Certificate Form

Utah Resale Certificate Form

Washington Resale Certificate Form

Wisconsin Resale Certificate Form

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