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Night Light Base Types

Night Light Base Types

Choose a night light based on where you'll be using it:

Manual Bases for Night Lights

Manual Night Light Bases

Common Called a click base, rocker base, or a push-button base, toggle night light bases have a flip switch on them that rocks on or off and is the most popular type of base. These accept E12 candelabra light bulbs with a 12mm diameter base.

Complete Control To have complete control over when your nightlight is on, choose a manual base that toggles on and off.

Safe Kyle Design's night light manual bases are UL rated to safely operate with a 4 watt incandescent light bulb or lower wattage LED light bulbs.

Automatic Lilght Sensor Bases for Night Lights

Automatic Night Light Bases

Convenience For maximum convenience, choose a light sensitive night light base that comes on when it gets dark. These convenient units are perfect for locations where safety is your priority such as hallways, bathrooms, or kitchens.  These also use the E12 12mm candelabra light bulbs.

Quality There are different quality levels for auto-on night light sockets. Cheap night light bases flicker on and off in medium light. Kyle Design uses high quality bases that snap on when the light dims without any annoying flickering.

Safety Our light-activated bases are UL rated to safely operate with a 7 watt incandescent bulb.

Motion Activated Night Lights

Motion Sensor Night Light Bases

Best for Low Traffic Areas This type of photo-sensor night light flicks on only when it registers movement and is probably best for closets and basements where you are unlikely to be walking back and forth very often, or for where lights tend to be left on accidentally.

Distracting You will not want to use motion sensing nightlights in high traffic areas or where pets roam because the constant on/off activity of the light can be distracting and annoying, and may decrease its longevity.

Rotating Nitelights

Rotating Night Light Bases

For safe operation, night light bases are polarized with the left leg wider than the right. Not all receptacles have been installed the same direction. If your outlets have been installed sideways or in the safety position of the ground leg up, then you'll need a twist base. These can rotate a full 360 degrees to allow you to plug in bases at any angle - sideway left, sideways right, or upside down. Our smooth bases have flanges on the edges to further support the base.  These bases also use the 12mm E12 candelabra light bulbs.

Cheap Night Light Bases

Cheap Night Light Bases

Certain night light bases are cheap for a reason and should be avoided. This style of base, for instance, has an overly rigid switch on the front that is very difficult to flip on and off. In order to cut production costs, one leg is only polarized at the tip but is otherwise narrow along the rest of the leg. As a result, bases tip forward instead of sitting straight when plugged into a socket. Finally, there is unattractive product information molded into the front that catches dirt and grim. Not a very attractive way to display a night light!

Know Which Type of Night Light Base You Need

If you look at your receptacles you'll notice that one plug slots is longer than the other one (see image below). If the longer plug opening is on the left (found in the majority of homes), you can use any of our bases - standard manual, rotating, or light sensor bases.

If the larger plug slot is on right or your outlets are installed horizontally, choose a rotating base so that your night light can sit upright. Generally people know if they have an outlet installed in a non-standard direction. If your nitelight is a gift and you are not sure, choose the rotating base

Standard vs Rotating Night Light Bases



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