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Guide to Avoiding Coworker Gift Disasters

How to select appropriate items and avoid coworker gift-giving disasters

By Susan Bradbury 

Unique Coworker Gift IdeasWe spend so much time with our coworkers, it seems like they are a second family. But when it comes time to celebrate occasions, we need to remember the rules of the workplace when selecting appropriate co-worker gifts. Many companies have specific policies about gifts including a limit on the price. Beyond that, other rules of the workplace and etiquette need to be applied.

So how do we choose an appropriate gift for a coworker? Gag or joke gifts are very tricky and should be avoided, as should anything of a sexual nature. So give the nightie to the bride-to-be at the privately held shower. Avoid giving gifts of alcohol or things of a religious or racial nature. 

If you don't know the personal interests or hobbies of the recipient, a work-oriented gift is the best option. A business card case with a house design on it for a realtor, a computer design for someone in tech support or a card holder for a hairdresser's station. If you know their hobby, choose a design that shows it off, a sailboat, a soccer ball, even knitting needle designs are available choices. 

If everyone must wear a badge, consider some colorful lanyards or personalized badge holders. Lanyards in the style of jewelry with beading are stylish options for a woman and badge holders are available in different sizes, shapes and designs for variety. Again, personalize to the line of business or personal interests. Even consider how matching badge reels could contribute to team building in your department. 

Check out your coworker's desk area, perhaps some matching accessories for pencils, paperclips and sticky notes would be a useful gift. A special letter opener and stamp holder is an option for someone who handles the mail. Everyone could use a small decorative tape measure

If you are only giving gifts to a few friends at work, it is best to do that exchange in private. If you are giving gifts to everyone in your department, consider giving something similar but personalized to each person's interests, for instance, a thematic bookmark with a different design or color combinations. 

Many companies offer engraving of simple items. Gifts personalized with engraving are real keepsakes. Many of the items mentioned above are engravable. Use the name of the recipient, a monogram or simply the company name and year the gift is presented. 

By following the rules of your company and being thoughtful of co-workers interests, gift giving will be the pleasurable experience it should be. You will enjoy both giving the gift and receiving the thank yous. 

Please visit Kyle Design Coworker Gift Ideas for more suggestions for unique gifts personalized with designs, colors, & engraving that will be perfect for your gift recipient.

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