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Don't Disappoint the Hostess! Guide to Choosing the Right Gift

Selecting Appropriate Host or Hostess Gifts

Unique Hostess Gifts Personalized at Kyle Design
Don't Disappoint the Hostess! 

By Susan Bradbury 

A gift is a great way to show your appreciation for your hostess's (or host's!) hospitality. What you decide to give will vary, depending on the occasion. If you've been invited for a meal or if you've been invited for a weekend, you might choose to bring something different. Here are some guidelines to follow when choosing a hostess gift. 

A hostess gift is something that should require no extra work for the hostess, so forget about flowers. The hostess has enough on her mind without having to find a vase and a place to set them while entertaining. 

You should not expect the gift to be used at the party. You can bring something sweet like chocolates or a nice bottle of wine, but the intention is for your hostess to enjoy it on her own time, not for it to be served to everyone at the party. 

Scented candles and soaps seem like a natural, but should only be given if you know the family and are aware of their preferences and potential allergies. Many people are very choosy about the fragrances they like. 

Try not to give a figurine, which might be considered clutter. (If you are aware of a collection in the home, offering a new piece is fine.) It is best to buy something small, useful and in keeping with the particular style of the host's home or a reflection of their interests. 

Put as much thought into the hostess gift you bring as the hostess has put into the occasion you have been invited to! Bring a memorable gift. Use Kyle Design's Hostess Gift Guide here to find unique gifts personalized with designs, colors, & engraving.

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Article copyright Kyle Design 2007.

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