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Do "crush-proof" metal cases protect items?

Crush-proof items are strong enough to protect the contents inside the case from damage under normal usage conditions. This does not mean that the item, such as a metal cigarette wallet or glasses case, won't dent or scratch if enough pressure is applied. Crush-proof cases are a good choice for hard use conditions to be prevent your cigarettes from getting crushed or your eyeglasses from being broken.

Designer crush-proof metal wallet casesShop for designer crushproof metal wallets and cigarette cases. Choose one of the crushproof cases from the options available.





Crushproof metal wallet cigarette case 10Shop for classic engraved crush proof metal cigarette cases and credit card wallets. Look for wallets with the term "crush proof" in the title or this option her which has both crushproof and standard versions available.









Crush proof hard eyeglasses caseKyle Design offers plain and decorative hard eye glass cases. Shop for crush proof eyeglass cases in both classic and designer versions.

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