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Decoupage Flask DIY Crafts Project

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Do-It-Yourself Decoupage Flasks

decoupage-flask.jpgCraft your own beautiful flasks following these easy instructions. We show you how to make a decoupage flask with Japanese origami paper. These make wonderful party gifts or wedding favors.

  • Supplies Needed: Sleek 50 ml Liquor Flask, origami paper or other decorative papers, clear varnish, paint brush, wax paper, scissors.
  • Step 1: Paint surface of paper with clear varnish and allow to dry per package instructions.
  • Step 2: Measure height and width needed. Cut paper to size adding about 1/4" to length for overlap on back of flask.
  • Step 3: Brush flask with varnish and attach paper at center back. Begin wrapping, checking that paper is being applied straight along edges.
  • Step 4: Paint extra varnish on very end flap of paper and press into place smoothing out any wrinkles or bubbles. Allow to dry.

tip-kyle-design.jpgTip: Once dry, add trims or rhinestones accents using silicone glue.


decoupage-flask-1.jpgVarnish the paper before applying to flask.

Varnish the Paper: Trim decorative paper 3/4" larger than flask. Paint surface of paper with varnish. Allow to dry. If adding photo, trim to size and layer over paper with more varnish.

decoupage-flask-2.jpgMeasure height and width of flask.

Measure height and width needed. Trim paper to exact height. Add 1/4" to length for overlap on back of flask.

decoupage-flask-3.jpgVarnishing the flask.

Brush flask with varnish. Attach paper at center back. Begin wrapping, adjusting paper so that it is applied straight along edges.

decoupage-flask-4.jpgFinishing flask varnishing.

Paint extra varnish on end flap of paper. Press into place. Smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles. Allow to dry. 

Decorative Flasks - Idea Variations and Uses

  • Add beads, photos, ribbon, charms to craft your own special flask gift.
  • Compact flasks also are a great great size for tucking in purse or pocket.
  • Use your creative ideas to make a unique bridesmaid favor, Mother's Day present or unusual Christmas gift.
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