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Rose Color Meanings

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Meaning of Rose Colors and Rose Flower Color Symbolism

Roses are a traditional sentimental flower that have remained in high regard over the years. Though the meanings of different rose colors have changed and evolved throughout history, roses are still the ultimate flower of choice in expressing your true feelings for a loved one. 

  • Red Rose - Romantic love, Passion, Respect, Courage
  • Yellow Rose - Friendship, Sympathy, Jealousy, Joy, Gladness, Freedom
  • Peach Rose - Gratitude, Appreciation, Admiration, Sympathy
  • White Rose - Loyalty, Platonic Love, Reverence, Purity, Secrecy
  • Pink Rose - Grace, Elegance, Sweet Thoughts
  • Purple Rose - Enchantment, Transcendental
  • Orange Rose - Pride
  • Blue Rose - Fantasy, Impossibility
  • Black Rose - Death, Bad Omen, Death of Fixed Thoughts and Ideas
  • Two Roses Joined Together - Engagement
  • Red & White Rose Bouquet - Unity

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