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Travel Tea Bag or Sweetener Cases in 100s of Unique Designs

  • Travel Tea Bag or Sweetener Case
  • Travel Case for Tea Bags or Sweetener Packets
  • Decorative sweetener case details
  • Chili Pepper Sweeter Case
  • Meal Time Travel Sweetener Case
  • Travel Tea Bag or Sweetener Case in Metal
  • Sweetener Case for a Nurse

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Travel Tea Bag or Sweetener Cases in 100s of Unique Designs


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Product Description

These clever travel cases let you keep your brand of tea or sweeteners handy wherever you go. Custom select your favorite color and unique design choice for a personalized sweetener holder or tea bag storage box - perfect travel size for storing small tea bags and artificial sweeteners (Splenda, Sweet n' Low, Equal, Raw Sugar, C&H Sugar) in pockets and purses.


  • personalization options - 100s of silver or gold metal designs, cool aluminum or iridescent colors
  • 2-3/4" x 2-3/8" x 5/8" satin lacquered steel cases with a non-tarnish finish
  • free velveteen protective pouch
  • sweetener case can double as a cool compact mirror with optional lid mirror
  • shop all unique tea bag and sugar packet cases
  • teabag cases hold about 4 sealed teabag packages with two edges folded under slightly to fit (see inside photo), or 8-10 sugar packets
  • also great travel case for mints and jewelry
  • can have sugar packet case engraved on front or back
  • for a slimmer version for snug pockets see our Slim Sugar Packet Holder in 100s of Designs


Gold Coffee Cup artificial sweeteners cases in black aluminum for those java junkies with very specific tastes.

Silver Teapot teabags case in iridescent dusty pink is a particularly nice present for those who drink decaffeinated teas which can be hard to find in restaurants.

Chili Peppers sweetener packet holder makes a great custom gift for anyone who loves spicy foods and knows the trick of eating sugar to neutralize the fire - shown in silver with red aluminum.

Cool Fork, Knife & Spoon teabag holder in iridescent ocean blue is a great choice for friends who eat out often.

Gold World Traveler sugar packet case in teal aluminum so no matter where they go, their drinks can taste the way they like.

Nursing teabags holder cases are a lovely gift idea for RN or nursing student who finds herself trying to get a hot cup of tea at odd hours of the day and night.

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