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Beaded Bookmark Hook - Easy DIY Crafts Project

Do-It-Yourself Beaded Shepherd Hook Bookmark

beaded-bookmark-how-to.jpgCraft your own beautiful beaded bookmark following these easy instructions. We show you how to make a dragonfly bookmark with beads.

  • Supplies Needed: Small shepherd hook bookmark, end charm (we used a Dragonfly charm here), assorted beads and spacers, 1 eye pin, jewelry making tools (needle-nosed pliers, flat-nosed pliers).
  • Step 1: Open loop on eye pin by twisting sideways - see photo. This retains the shape without distorting the size.
  • Step 2: Add beads and spacers as desired. Leave about 1/2" of the eye pin free.
  • Step 3: Create loop on end by first bending eye pin at right angle to beading using flat-nosed pliers. Grab very tip of eye pin about a 1/4" from tips of needle-nosed pliers and begin wrapping around to create loop. Reposition and keep curling it around until you've created a new loop.
  • Step 4: As above, open new loop by twisting sideways. Hook onto end of bookmark (make sure design is facing front), then twist loop closed.

tip-kyle-design.jpgTip: Use a second eye pin to create a beaded extension. Add to the first, but grab bottom loop of eye pin using flat nosed plier and turn 90 degrees so that charm faces forward.

beaded-bookmark-0.jpgOpening the eye pin loop.

Open loop on eye pin by twisting sideways to retain the shape without distorting size.

beaded-bookmark-1.jpgAdd beads and spacers. Leave about 1/2" of the eye pin free.


beaded-bookmark-2.jpgAdding beads to eye pin for bookmark embellishment.


beaded-bookmark-3.jpgCreating loop on end of metal bookmark embellishment.

Create loop on end. Bend eye pin at right angle. Grab eye pin a 1/4" from tips of needle-nosed pliers. Wrap around to create loop.

beaded-bookmark-4.jpgAttaching the charm to bookmark hook.

Hook loop onto end of bookmark making sure design is facing front, then twist loop closed. 

Shepherd Hook Bookmarks - Idea Variations and Uses

  • Add beads, tassels, ribbon, charms to craft your own special bookmark gift. This style bookmark hook is designed to hang over the side of a book with the beads and charm laying against the spine.
  • Wire bookmark hooks also work great as letter openers.
  • Use your creative ideas to make a unique wedding favor, Mother's Day present or unusual teacher gift.
  • Click on Wholesale Craft Supplies for our complete selection of bookmark hooks, craft pill boxes, compact mirrors and more crafting supplies.

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