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Pretty Panty Liner Tampon Cases in 100s of Cool Metal Designs


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Product Description

Cool personalized pantiliners and tampon cases are crushproof, discreet and make an excellent travel holder for feminine products. Customize these unique compact cases that with your favorite design and color for a holder that's all your own.


  • customized - gold or silver design, color, or have engraved
  • 100s of original design options - professional careers, games, animals, hobbies, letters, numbers, foods, sports, nature, flowers, religions, horoscope signs, music, symbols
  • polished chrome pantiliner or sanitary pad case is 6-1/4" x 2-3/4" x 1-1/4" thick with inside depth of approximately 1"
  • non-tarnish finish; lined interior
  • carry tampons, feminine pads, and pantyliners
  • black velveteen protective pouch included
  • safely holds about 3 applicator tampons and 3 panty liners at one time


Gold mermaid feminine pad case with rainforest green.

Silver goddesses pantiliner case in iridescent purple.

Silver abstract circles sanitary napkin case in fuchsia aluminum.

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